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Hotel Lincoln , Centralna Havana, Havana, Kuba
Lincoln Hotel na Kubi
Hotel Lincoln
Recepcija hotela Lincoln
Recepcija hotela Lincoln
Hotel Lincoln on Galiano Street, Central Havana, Cuba
Hotel Lincoln on Galiano
Hotel Lincoln na kutu ulica Vertudes i Galiano 2011
Hotel Lincoln na kutu ulica Vertudes i Galiano
Islazul Lincoln Dvokrevetna Soba
Lincoln Hotel Dvokrevetna Soba
Lincoln Hotel Terasa na Krovu hotela
Lincoln Hotel Terasa na Krovu hotela
Juan Manuel Fangio 24.veljače 1958
Formula 1 Fangio pušten od strane kidnapera 1958.
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O Hotel Islazul Lincoln
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The Lincoln is very well situated for access to Old Havana, Central Havana, Chinatown and Vedado. It is just across the road from one of Havana’s best Art Deco buildings, the Teatro America and from the Casa de la Musica, where those in the know go to dance. The Malecon, Havana’s Ocean Drive, is a short walk away.

When Galiano Street (Avenida de Italia) was a grand shopping street the Lincoln’s restaurant was full of ladies in smart little Chanel suits and stilettoes exchanging scandalous gossip. "The newly restored restaurant is serving the some of best value food in Havana. Good quality at a very low price." said Folke West in a recent interview. The lobby has elegant marble floors and gilt mirrors, but rather too many statues of corpulent cupids for aesthetic comfort. The chandeliers haven’t been washed since the Revolution. They contrast strongly with the chichi charm of the shiny pink marble check-in desk.

One of the quirks of Havana’s history took place at the Hotel Lincoln. On Sunday 23rd February 1958 Juan Manuel Fangio, five times world champion racing driver, was kidnapped in the lobby by a member of Fidel Castro’s 26th July Movement. Fangio was chatting to Stirling Moss, his mechanics and his manager when he was taken at pistol-point out of the hotel and bundled into a waiting car.

This kidnapping of the world’s most famous racing driver made front-page news in Paris, London, New York, Rome, Mexico City and Buenos Aires. The idea was to avoid Fangio’s competing in a race designed to improve the Batista government’s rapidly worsening public image. Fangio was released without harm once the race was over. You can find out more at amigos de fangio .org

There is little risk of being kidnapped these days and whilst the Lincoln is not Havana’s smartest hotel, it has a certain idiosyncratic charm. It is also clean, affordable and perfectly-placed for exploring the city.

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Reviewed on 10 Jun 2011 by Dr.Siegfried R from Germany
very friendly,they have many years prblems with the elevators,mostly is one broken.<br>very good view from the top.
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Standard rooms at the Lincoln are clean and functional, with modern wooden furniture, tiled floors and small bathrooms. They are quite small and not designed as anything more ambitious as pit-stops between sightseeing, clubbing and beach expeditions.
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The Lincoln’s suites are, frankly, nasty. Our view is that the standard rooms are preferable to these curiously cell-like spaces full of looming leatherette furniture. The neon lighting makes everyone’s faces look pale green. The grey-tiled bathrooms are dark and noisome. Suites at the Lincoln are best avoided, we feel.
© 2013 Nigel Hunt
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