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Campismo Victoria de Giron , Zapata National Park & Playa Larga, Matanzas, Küba
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One of the cheapest ways to enjoy the hidden natural wonders of Cuba is to go camping & the site at Campismo Victoria de Giron can meet the needs of most budget visitors.

Located in the Zapata peninsula, Campismo Victoria de Giron is set in an important wildlife conservation area, providing one of the best bird-watching & nature experiences in Cuba. You can enjoy the fabulous wildlife on foot by hiking along miles of track, or you can take a bike or even go on horseback. If you prefer to spend time around the sea then there are great sea walks where you may chance upon hidden coves & secret caves.

On the site itself, entertainment is provided by dedicated staff while there is also a games room & a TV room that shows satellite TV. Basic food is served from the site’s café & restaurant.

Campismo Victoria de Giron really comes alive at night, especially at weekends, as it is popular with local people who come to dance the night away at the night club. Staying here is therefore a great opportunity to meet & mix with local people, whether with families in the daytime or those who come to dance in the evenings.

Campismo Victoria de Giron is a great place to stay if you want an inexpensive holiday & the chance to see the hidden delights of Cuba, both in its nature & its people.

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No tents are allowed & guests are provided with sturdy cabanas to sleep in, which accommodate up to six people. These are small, basic chalets, though the larger ones may have a kitchenette. Every cabana has a toilet, washing facilities & single bunk beds.
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Rehberi Zapata National Park & Playa Larga
Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata covers 628,171 hectares. is the main wetland in Cuba, as well as the largest (and well-preserved) of the Caribbean Islands. The Zapata Peninsula biosphere is a huge natural reserve for all manner of wildlife including local and migratory birds, lizards, crocodiles and rock crabs.

Zapata Biosphere Reserve shows a great diversity of ecosystems such as grasslands; mangrove, Ciénaga, semi-deciduous, evergreen coastal and sub-coastal forests; coastal and sub-coastal matorral and coral reefs with principal coral species and coastal lagoons. The area also supports the main populations of the Cuban crocodile (Cocodrilus rhombifer) and American crocodile (C. acutus) and birds as the great flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber). Some 9,000 (2001) people, mostly of Spanish origin, live permanently in one of the largest biosphere reserves in Cuba. Economic activities are mainly silviculture, fisheries, community agriculture, tourism, handicraft and apiculture.

At La Boca you can see crocodiles and take a boat to the picturesque Guama, a group of tiny islands connected by wooden bridges. The area is also home to one of the largest underground cave and lake systems in Latin America.

Continuing 13km south from La Boca de Guama you reach the famous Bay of Pigs at Playa Larga. US-backed exiles tried to invade Cuba through this bay on April 17, 1961. The main museum dedicated to these events is at Playa Giron, which is 35km father south. The little village of Playa Larga makes a good base for visiting the adjacent nature reserves in Gran Parque Natural Montemar.

Fishermen can partake in bonefishing at Las Salinas, and for tarpon and snook there is Rio Hatiguanico.
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